Siding Replacement

Want your home to look sharper right away? The condition of your siding makes a huge difference. If it looks shopworn, your whole home will look rough. In an extreme case might even bring down neighborhood property values.


Of course, aesthetics aren't the most important reason to keep your siding ship-shape. Properly protects your home from rain and snow, contributing to your home's ability to stay warm and dry. When your siding is in bad shape, or improperly installed, or if the house wrap underneath it is improperly installed, water will go where it shouldn’t. It can also get closer to your foundation, where it can do real damage.


Bad siding can even let termites and other insects into your home. It's in your best interests to get it fixed as quickly as possible.


What can go wrong with siding?


Warping and buckling is common. This can happen when your siding was improperly installed in the first place: it wasn't fastened properly, and the installation didn't leave enough room for expansion.


If the siding takes direct damage it can crack, especially if it’s vinyl siding, and especially if it’s old. That can happen after a storm: falling tree branches are a common culprit. We've also seen lawnmowers kick up rocks hard enough to crack the siding.


If you have wood or composite siding then improper maintenance can be the problem. Wooden siding is pretty, but it has to be cleaned every year, and it has to be painted and sealed every five years or so. Otherwise, the wooden siding on your home is as vulnerable to rot as the framing inside your home.


When should you replace siding?


Like every other system on your home, the siding system does have a lifespan. If your siding is more than 40 years old there's a good chance you need to replace it soon.


Usually you can just look at the siding to make the determination. If it's peeling, bending, crowning (warping), rotting, or pulling away, then it probably needs attention.


It's possible you only need to replace a few panels. You may not need to replace all of it. We'll let you know how much we think you need to replace.


How much does it cost to replace siding?


It depends largely on how large your house is. Siding is sold by the square foot, and the cost to install it usually runs from $1 to $14 per foot. Your home will need anywhere from a few thousand dollars to many thousands of dollars of siding.


The best way to keep siding replacement costs low is to replace individual panels when they get damaged


Get your siding replaced today


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